Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Summer Afternoon

Three of my favorite things:

1. Artistic Outpost
2. Basic Gray
3. Scenic Route

All three are present and accounted for! Plus, the most important food group-ICE CREAM! This peaceful scene is from AO's newest plate, Keeper. I have five or six more things to show you from this plate, but I will save those for another day. This plate is an amazing representation of some of the many things that are so good about summer, all presented in AO's outstanding vintage style, which somehow manages to be totally current!

I made a stitched, stamped and layered interior for this card, and a matching envelope. Maybe if we all make our envelopes very entertaining, our postage won't go up as often! Just kidding, but I do think of all the postal workers who will handle my envelopes, and it's a little bit of eye candy for them as well as the recipient, I hope!

1 comment:

~amy~ said...

Carla...what a magnificent card!!! Woo Hoo!!!! Love the interior too :)