Saturday, June 30, 2012

A little bit of this...

 Custom badge order for my Etsy shop. A gal ordered 24 of them for her 12yodd's birthday party. She was going with a show horse theme, and these were the colors on her invitation. I hope they were happy with them! I love making badges because you can just use anything that goes with your color scheme. The green crepe paper ribbons are hand cut from some vintage crepe paper I bought at a garage sale. I think it's older than I am, and that's old, I tell ya!
 Crafty Secrets Cotton Scraps. Fabulous vintage images printed on cotton. What's not to like?
 Terrible picture-but that is a Crafty Secrets stamp. Tags are a popular item on Etsy I don't know what the world is tagging with all these tags, but I've sold at least a thousand myself, and I'm Etsy small potatoes!
 I buy these heart pins and glue pearls to the bottom. Trinket pins sell pretty well in my shop, and they are fun to make.
I use this bird stamp from Artistic Outpost constantly. I love it to death.