Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Harvest Bucket

This card is so layered and heavy that I had to make an envelobox for it! I stamped the main image three times, then popped it up twice in different spots. This is labor intensive for a couple of reasons. Obviously the cutting takes time. Additionally, I color all the layers because I don't like the white image peeking out from underneath. It's just a thing with me, I think it looks nicer if everything you can see is colored. Since I am a beginner at watercoloring, The bottom image is my practice run! Then I decide what I'm going to pop up, and only color what I know I will use. My 17yods really likes this card, so that's good enough for me. He said, "That caviar stuff in the corners is really cool!" Some of us call those micro beads, but, "caviar stuff" works for me!!


Gwen said...

this is truly gorgeous...actually...this card belongs in a fame!

~amy~ said...

Oh envelobox? that cracked me up....what a gorgeous labor intensive card! Caviar...tooo funny. I have to admit if my kids show any bit of interest in my cards it totally makes my

Kelly said...

beautiful card!