Sunday, June 30, 2013

Project Life Week 7: Then

 This layout features a lot of stamping, but not a lot of 3D embellishments. My pages are generally a little lumpier these days, but it's fun to do it this way, and you can fit more pages in an album if they are flatter. Remember, if you click on the pictures, you can see them a little larger.
 By Week 7, I was really cognizant of all the very cool Project Life geared stamp sets out there, but I still didn't have any. So when I made this page, I used a lot of stamps from my stash, and it was really fun. I like that paperclip peeking out from the other side of the card.
 Most of the hearts are from an A Muse Studio heart set. It's nice because it has lots of different sizes, shapes, and styles of heart stamps. The arrow and doily stickers are from my original Becky Higgins Amber Edition. They don't come with the newer sets, but now the cards are so. much. cooler.
 That's a K&Co tag, but I don't remember who made the frame stamp. I'm thinking that both of these cards are the backs of the cards from the page before. I do that quite a lot if it works out.
 Those are a|s hearts, but I'm not sure about the "love" stamp. On the right, I typed directly onto the photograph. It's fun to do, but don't try it if mistakes freak you out. Imperfection doesn't bother me, so I do it all the time.
 The "special" stamp came from the same set as the "love" stamp, I'm thinking Inkadinkado. A lot of the time, I'll cut a few coordinating solid cards to match the patterned cards I'm using in a layout. It looks a little less busy.
I just stamped right on a shipping tag from Office Max, and stapled the ends down for coolness.

We got a tiny bit of rain today. I was better than nothing, but I'm hoping for more. We haven't had more than a couple of tenths of rain in the year we've lived here. It's pretty bad.

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