Monday, June 24, 2013

Project Life Week 6: Then

 More getting dressed shots, and shots of the church before the wedding. Have you considered making a PL style album for older events? I have been loving getting our wedding documented. I don't spend quite as much time on this side of my weekly layout, but at least I'm getting them into an album!! I think it's kind of cool to have an almost 25 year old event right along side our current life. I'm going to keep using this method until our daily life will fill a two week spread every week. We aren't there yet, and I still don't always remember to take pictures.
 I added an acrylic sticker to this pic. I love the shine and dimension it adds, and since the wedding was on December 17th, and the church was already decorated for Christmas, I enjoyed adding a few Christmas products.
 That's a Martha Stewart punched snowflake, but why bother mentioning it? You have that punch, don't you? Those are vintage sequins, and a snowflake brad I bought about five or six years ago when shopping with Noelle at Joanne's.
 Another one of those epoxy stickers. I'm sorry these pictures are so bad. I am trying to improve my Project Life photography, but I'm finding it difficult. I think each week gets a little better. There's lots of room for improvement!
 On the left I have a vintage to/from sticker, a vintage cupcake topper, and a piece of plastic vintage greenery. On the right is Noelle in her Southern Belle dress. It was a doozy! Check out that perm, pure 1988!
 Adhesive ribbon from Joanne's. I'm pretty sure I bought that at the same time I bought the snowflake brads. Noelle has talked me into more stuff over the years. Some of it has been great, like the brads. Some, like this ribbon, are not so hot. I loved burgundy back then, though, I confess.
You can see I added a Making Memories silver brad to this cluster. I love those things, and still have a few for Christmas 2013. I hope you can stop by tomorrow, I'll be sharing some cards I made recently.

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