Sunday, February 10, 2013

Sunday Morning Hodgepodge

 I used SU!'s Carved and Candlelit for this embossing heavy card.
 This card is all A Muse Studio, except for the window card, which you can have cut at Die Cut Diva.
 This is my favorite box from Die Cut Diva. I just love the size and the squareness of it. Zero to cute in minutes flat!
 Another Die Cut Diva item. These are perfect favors, especially with one of those little chocolate squares tucked inside.
Well, I put the Rapid Refill cartridge into my Epson Artisan last night, and it printed one picture beautifully. Then it gave me an error message saying it could not recognize the cartridge. What's so infuriating is that it printed a picture using the cartridge just fine. So it CAN print with a Rapid Refill cartridge, it just WON'T! Boo to you, Epson. I'll never buy another Epson product again, and I'll make certain to badmouth your printers at every opportunity. Tomorrow, it's back to Rapid Refill to return all my cartridges and then over to Staples to buy official Epson cartridges. The funny thing about genuine Epson cartridges is that if you search the web, you'll discover that Epson printers frequently reject genuine Epson cartridges as well. What a pain.

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