Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fortune Teller

More stamps from Artistic Outpost's new release, Fortune Teller. This card has a lot going on. I sewed the pocket on and the fortune teller comes out of the pocket. You could write on the back of it, and a gift card would fit well in there, too. It's hard to see in this picture, but I sprayed Black Cherry Glimmer Mist all over this, so it has a pretty shimmer.

Merry Christmas!!! This is another scheduled post. We're still in Denver. I figure DH is ready to have a nervous breakdown. He's probably read six or seven books by now. He usually finds a corner, crosses his long legs and reads a book. Hopefully he hasn't escaped to a music store and bought another instrument. I really must keep a closer eye on him. All this instrument buying sure does put a dent in my papercraft budget! I figure he'll start edging his way to the door shortly after we open stockings. By now, we are writing sonnets in our head about our Sleep Number Bed!!



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~amy~ said...

What a FUN card the pocket. Instruments? Hmmm...that would tap into one's papercrafting budget...I'd have another family member help you keep your eye on