Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Admit One!

Well, I hope the brightness of this isn't too jarring! I think this is the brightest card I've ever made, but let's face it, Circuses bring bright colors to mind! This is one of the images from Artistic Outpost's brand new Vintage Circus plate. It's a lot of fun to work with, of course that's nothing new for AO stamps!!

I hope you will excuse me for being extremely brief, but I doubt there's a person reading this who doesn't have a holiday to do list at least as long as mine!

Two notes about AO: First, you get free shipping with any $50 purchase!! Second, they are very good about publishing customer artwork, so please go to the blog and find out how you can get your cards on the Artistic Outpost blog!!

I hope you are enjoying the holidays and not getting too stressed about things!!




~amy~ said...

what a bright & fun card Carla...I'd much rather blurf than work on my "holiday to do" list :)

Toni said...

Carla, me luv, you need a OM moment. Shall we have one together? Inhale: OOOOO MMMMMMMMMMM. Exhale slowly, through the nose. Now a deep cleansing breath.

Ah, was that good for you, too? (hee)

Meanwhile, you still make me giggle because you ROCK bright colors but you always skitter around about it on your posts. NO IT'S NOT TOO JARRING WHATSOEVER, BABY!!! It's gorgeous. Makes me want to go to the circus again -- but will I, too, get to cuddle a lion?