Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Project Life Week 13: NOW

 This was the first layout where I had any special Project Life products besides my Amber Edition. I used my very first Cocoa Daisy kit here, which I think was the April kit If you haven't checked out CD, you are missing out-it's a fabulous kit club.
 On this card, I used the little camera shutter circle and I embossed one of the stamps in gold. I also used the gorgeous washi tape from the kit. I think it's still my favorite washi.
 This one is Amber Edition and snowflakes from my stash. This photo cracks me up because my husband is an incredibly intelligent man, and there's this giant brain on the front of the section he's reading. He had no idea I was taking his pic.
 I had to add a little dab of my new washi to this card.
 This one has some wood veneer and one of the cards from the CD kit.
 Just a photo-I did type on it, though. The kitten paw is just a bonus for you;)
 A final photo collage.
 Gollum. (He used to hide a lot, and was all eyes when he was a baby.) Now, he is the most social of the bunch. He even forgoes food for attention. There is never enough petting and love for him. Never.
Sparrow. Oh my word is this kitten sweet! He's so gentle, he always keeps his claws sheathed.

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Noelle Reese said...

Well we already know how much I love Troy, Wilson and your PL pages. Do you know how much I love the kittens? They are so stinkin' cute I can't stand it!