Friday, August 9, 2013

Project Life Week 12: NOW

 Only four photos this week. I still wasn't very good at remembering to take pictures, although I already loved the process of Project Life.
 Amber Edition Week card. This is a horizontal card, but I used it vertically because I'm a rebel that way. I added a little chipboard "celebrate" here, because this was Ross's birthday week. I can't believe I am the mother of a 22yo. I also added some hand stamped presents along the bottom of the card, and some sewing.
 All I did to embellish this sweet, goofy pic of Wilson was add an old label maker title.
 To emphasize that these pics go together, I used the label maker here, too.
 Sky and Wilson playing Legos. Sky was home for Spring Break. This photo is from Dec., though, because I forgot to take a single pic of Sky while he was here!!! *SIGH* (What is the matter with me?)
 This typed card is my journaled confession. I added a strip of vintage orange ric rac.
 This card tells the story of W being sick, and I added some sewing, and a strip of patterned paper.
 This is my week in review card, with one of our sweet kittens' head in the way. I love having these little cuties around, and they play a pretty big role in current PL pages.
Here's Ross and Yizhen in New Orleans on his birthday. Yizhen moved to San Francisco after graduation, and Ross just moved there this week to be with her. They are so happy and so adorable. I've had this little banner for years and years, and I think it came in a kit, but I'm not sure which one.

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