Thursday, April 18, 2013

Project Life Week 2: Now

 This is the NOW side of my Project Life album for Week Two of 2013. I loved making it, just like I love making them still at Week 16. This is a pretty long time for me to stay with something. I think I'm going to make it! I hope so anyway, because the failure to complete the project would be right there in my albums!
 The Week 2 card is from my Amber Edition of  PL. I tried to pick up colors from my stash to coordinate. These alphabet stickers are American Crafts remarks, roosevelt jr. I love them for PL. They are just the right size for titles, and they are flat. I've had these for seven or eight years, so I doubt they're still available.
 The beginning of January was hard on my big boys. Ross badly injured his ankle, and Sky had a horrific wisdom tooth debacle.
 The top left pocket in this photo is what happens when you load your paper into the printer upside down. Who knew? The cork alpha stickers are from Creative Imaginations. They are the oldest alpha stickers I have; I bought them nine or 10 years ago. They still stick like I bought them yesterday.
 More Amber journaling cards. I have really enjoyed using them, but I don't think I'll buy another PL kit because there are so many other products out there I want to use. Also, it gets a little boring working with the same colors for a whole year.
 Lots of typewriter journaling with my 1952 Underwood. My writing is huge, so to fit it PL pockets would be virtually impossible.
I finished up with the week's grocery receipt. I haven't been doing that lately, mostly because I'm so disgusted at my lack of success in saving money at the grocery store.

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Susie said...

Jesse and I have been missing you and
Wilson! I was bummed to not find your address in my book although I'm sure I saved it somewhere!! Then I remembered " she has a blog" I had so much fun looking at your great stuff but it made me miss our stamping nights.