Sunday, April 14, 2013

Project Life Week 2: Then

 Hello! Thanks for stopping by! In case you missed my first couple of posts on how I do Project Life, let me review. On the left side, I do our wedding of almost 25 years ago. On the right, I do current events. Today is a left side, I was working with very old photos and memories, both a bit faded and worse for the wear.

 You can click on any photo to make it larger.
 Here, I sewed the photo directly to the mount, and wrote the names in a Bic marker.
 More sewing, a little stamping and embossing, and more of my hand writing. This is all just Stampin' Up! cardstock that matches the Amber Project Life Edition I'm using.
 Here you can see an Amber Edition journaling card on the left, and a patterned paper card cut from my paper stash. I have no intention of only using Amber stuff in this album. I enjoy mixing it up and using stuff from my stash.
 I love to staple things together, and it couldn't be more perfect for PL because it's flat. I stamped on the card on the right, and I think that gorgeous brad is from Prima.
 I try to use vintage dictionary paper on every page. It's one of the elements I will use throughout the album.
On the bottom of this picture is a K&Co adhesive border. I LOVE these things for PL. They are flat, and come complete with glitter. Plus, they are each 12 inches long, so you can easily use just one on a two page spread.

So, that's the old side of Week 2. I'm caught up with my album right now, and am enjoying it so much! Most weeks, I show improvement, and my pages look a little better than the week before. Also, I'm getting much better at remembering to take pictures of our daily life. I hope eventually to always have enough photos for a two page spread of current events.

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