Saturday, April 13, 2013

Teacher Christmas gifts

 For Christmas last year, Wilson's teachers all got mini journals and note cubes. The stamped image is non-denominational. It reads, "Feel the magic of the season." I was hoping that wasn't offensive to anyone. No one threw their mini journal back at Wilson in an offended huff, so I think they worked out.
 They will definitely have plenty of places to write things down. The stamp is a Gina K. Designs stamp.
 Next year, I won't make any of the gifts Christmas themed, unless they are an actual Christmas item. The ribbon is Stampin' Up! I can't remember who makes the die, but it's in a little folder, and it cuts and embosses on one pass. I love it to death.
 Mini journals are useful. I use a fall themed mini journal as a food diary. I am trying to pay attention to what I eat. I generally eat way over or way under my daily calorie quota. You'd think this would work out to a nice, even weight, but it doesn't, at least not when you are overweight to begin with. I think it works perfectly for skinny people like my husband.
It's a beautiful day here in Pueblo. Right now it's 45 degrees, and we're looking for a high of 74. Colorado's weather is truly fabulous most of the time. Our weather and geological impressiveness are why everyone wants to be here, which is why it's so expensive. Anyhow, I think it's nice enough to get outside and take some Project Life photos. For the past month, the weekends have not been conducive to outdoor photography of paper. Rocks, maybe. Paper, no. Scissors, perhaps. .

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