Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Bad Girls Kits

I normally don't provide links for companies I don't design for, but my girl Toni asked, and Toni's wish is my command! The name of the company is Bad Girls Kits. The owner's name is Wendy Rago. She has several kits every month, and a store. They also have an active forum, and a brand new blog called Project 52!! I have been a member of five or six kit clubs, and while there are several that are close, Bad Girls has been my favorite. This summer they had a bunch of really fun classes on the forum, and I think they have contests. I don't have time to visit the forum much during the school year, but I sure enjoyed it this summer. It's a fun, friendly community.


~amy~ said...

Hey, thanks for the link...look at your valentine's day oriented blog look'ola....FUN colors!

Toni said...

Your BAD girl, Toni (hahahahaha), thanks though, you're right, the kits are luscious, ACK all those too cool embellishments. I need serious time to go throught their store, but I've added the link to the blog already to my list of blog faves here at work. THANKS!!!