Saturday, January 17, 2009

Award from the FAB Pat!!

I love this chic little award, and it was given to me by the fabulous Pat over at Stamp, Paper & Ink! Pat and I just recently became blogging friends, and I am reminded once again how truly wonderful this blogging world is. I think I must be getting a little sappy in my old age, but I HONESTLY care for my blogging buddies and wish we could all meet! If I ever win the lottery (I'll have to play first), I am flying all my blog buddies to a central location! We will shop, eat and create together until we're ready to go back home to our families. Then, when our families are on our last nerve, we'll do it again!!

I am supposed to list five obsessions and send this off to five blogs.


1. Clean, moisturized hands. (Love Mary Kay's Moisture Therapy for every day, Aquaphor for serious dryness)
2. Lip gloss-Bonnie Bell or CO Bigelow (Dr. Pepper, Marshmallow or Vanilla Lipsmackers; #502 Bigelow)
3. Vintage style papercraft supplies (Artistic Outpost, Crafty Secrets, Melissa Frances, Graphic 45)
4. Glitter (Art Institute, Martha Stewart, or genuine German glitter products)
5. Glitter




Etha said...

LOL, I like your obsessions :) espceially 4 and 5 (grin). thanks for enabling me, I'll have to think about this a bit to see what I am obsessed with the MOST! hehe...

Pat (mspfd) said...

Can't wait for you to win the lottery! You're the best and your blog rocks!

~amy~ said...

buy a lotto ticket sista!!! Wouldn't that be thee perfect time??!!! Thanks for the award!!!

Jackie said...

Thanks for the award! That is funny we thought of each other :)! And I am also addicted to Lip Gloss lol I don't know how many I have at home, work, in my purse and in the car! You can never have enough gloss :) Have a great day!

GlitteryKatie said...

LOL thanks Carla :O)
I'm with you on 3' 4 and of course 5!!!!
love kt x

Anonymous said...

You are so sweet! This is the 3rd blog award this weekend, It makes my day, thanks,