Sunday, October 25, 2009

Halloween Putz House~Scripture memory Book Page

This is a page for my scripture memory book. I've been working on it for two years. I'm pretty slow! I used the sketch from this week's StampTV scrapbook challenge for this. I'm using My Mind's Eye Bohemia and whatever I have around that coordinates well with it. The copper brads are from one of my STV kits-don't know which one, both Floral Frenzy and Signs of Autumn came with these gorgeous copper brads.
It occurred to me after I uploaded these pictures that they might seem a strange pair to some. I'm not one of those Christians who believes that everyone who has anything to do with Halloween is a Satan worshiper. I know who wins in the end. I know who has my back. I also know I love playing with Halloween colors and decor and the fun of costumes, and the mystery, and the leaves whirling around and the crisp autumn air, and the flickering jack-o-lanterns. I have a minor in speech and theater, for Pete's sake! I've been a drama teacher for nine years! What's not to love about Halloween!? I'll continue to celebrate Halloween until I am convicted that it's wrong.
I used a Crafty Secrets Chipboard house. This is my first one, and I'm pretty pleased with the way it turned out. I'm not finished with the inside yet, and boy does the white under the roof show! I almost decided not to post the pics because of it! I'll also have to fix the edges so the white doesn't show. I already spent a lot of time with a black Sharpie on all the chipboard I added, but I neglected the seams-obviously!!
The skull is from Creative Play Stamps' Skulls I set. The little witches are Penny Black. The stickers are Crafty Secrets. The glitter is Doodle Bug Sugar Coating in Beetle Black.


~amy~ said...

fabbie might think you're slow but hey, you're doing them:) I keep saying that I'm going to Scrapbook...

Love your house...good grief, check out all those details Carla!!!

Julie said...

Love it all, Carla! I agree with you--I'm a good Christian, and I love Halloween--not the creepy, evil stuff, obviously, but there's so much fun, as you said--colors, mystery, just the feeling of fall...costumed kids & candy--nothing wrong with that!

Your projects are beautiful, and I'm glad you posted the house--white roof or not--it's fabulous, and you shouldn't worry about those little things! We'd never get anything done, if we did that, would we?!

Hope today is a wonderful start to a wonderful week for you, my friend!

Justine said...

Well said Carla, The little Crafty Secrets house is adorable. In our house we enjoy the free Candy and excitement of dressing up. When the kids were younger they were allowed to be one of God's creatures but they have never been allowed to be anything evil. Halloween is about the celebration of autumn and did I mention CANDY?? I trust that I have raised them with a good foundation and sense of what they believe and can decipher between good and evil.

Noelle Reese said...

LOL I love your page and I love the house you Christian Halloween lover you! :-)I don't find it strange that you paired these together at all. :-)