Friday, April 3, 2009

Easter Egg

This project is pretty typical of the way I craft. And the way I craft is with no planning or foresight whatsoever. It is completely me normal for me to spend quite a bit of time on the various elements of an item, only to discover that my proportions are WAY off. Not just a little off, but two or three times as big or small as they need to be to fit together.

That happened twice here. First, my Crafty Secrets Sweet Chips chipboard frame is too big. It is painted, embossed, Glimmer Misted, Stickled, and pearled, not to mention the CS chick sticker and its mat. I happily did all this, and was supah pleased with the results. The fact that it is almost as big as my egg did not occur to me. At all.

Then, I rummaged up these little balls for the feet. I have some of the same balls that are slightly larger. They would have been perfect. This poor egg. It's front heavy because of the huge frame, and its feet are too small. It's fine on the shelf as long as everyone tip toes by. I have a husband and three sons, you can just imagine how much tiptoeing goes on around here. This poor egg keeps hurling itself off the shelf. It's a good thing it's paper mache. Otherwise someone could get really hurt around here, and all because I have no foresight in crafting.

I got the idea for this egg from Teresa McFayden's EZine, Cottage Bella. This is my first EZIne subscription, and I am really enjoying it!!

Miss Muffet Art Glitter
Crafty Secrets Spring Joys sticker sheet & Sweet Chips chipboard frame
Vintage seam binding
corsage pin
paper mache egg (from second hand store)


Darlene (SCS:akronstamperdpk) said...

LOL .. even if it does keep trying to jump off the shelf, this is truly cute & creative!! LOVE IT!

Julie Campbell said...

I think it's absolutely wonderful as is! Glad to know I'm not the only one who creates like that, however! Gives me great comfort...Keep making gorgeous stuff, please! (With or without forethought!)

~amy~ said...

What no tip toeing in your household? decorated egg is absolutely adorable Carla!!!

Lori Craig said...

Isn't this gorgeous??? Love the sparkle and the little chick. So sweet!

Carolina said...

What an absolutely adorable the little chic!

Lindsay Weirich said...

Love that egg, brilliant!

Pat (mspfd) said...

OMG, how did I miss this. It's gorgeous. Love the pearls and vivid coloring! Amazing work!!