Monday, September 8, 2008

Just Chickin in on Ya!

This little stamp is from Image Tree. My sister got it on sale somewhere for me, I think it's pretty cute!

I just dyed a bunch of the same faux dew drops as I used here with alcohol ink. I just put a bunch in a tiny plastic container and added about 20 drops of the ink. It seems to have worked pretty well. These little faux dew drops are a lot nicer than the ones that come with several shades in each bag. They are smaller, for one thing, and more importantly, they are SMOOTH. They came in a huge bag, and are made by Darice, I think. I bought them at Duckwall's in the decorating isle for $10. There are THOUSANDS of the little things!! I gave my sister a bunch of mine, and she got me a bunch of the color mixes. When she saw these she was thrilled with how nice they are. She said she had been filing all the sticking out parts off the ones she had. Now this is just me, mind you, but: Noelle, life is way too short to spend time filing the sticking out parts of faux dew drops! I plan to use them as is, or not at all. I do like to picture her hunched over her scrapbook table filing dozens of these little things while her 10modd waits patiently and quietly for her attention....

It's so cold here today! I may have to turn on the heater!! I'm wearing a tank top, a 3/4 sleeve t-shirt, a huge t-shirt on top of that and a hoodie. I also have my Smart Wool socks on, which are among my most valued possessions! Hope you're warm and cozy where ever you are!


Lauren said...

This is super cute - love how you embellished the scallops.

Carolina said...

What a cutie! Love the way you framed this adorable chic and the dp is yummo!

Noelle said...

LMAO, your poor deprived niece! I don't file them all just the really bad ones! Some are super pokey and you too, will use a rough edge to soften it up a little LOL
ILY, your card is awesome!