Thursday, September 11, 2008

Be Right Back (Hopefully)

Well, I bought a new computer today. New everything, even a new printer! Our hard drive crashed in June, and we bought another one and put it in in July. Then in August, our power switch broke, and you could only turn the computer on and off with the front of the CPU unit removed. Then it wouldn't come on without lots of rigamarole, so we never turned it off. That worked unless you accidentally bumped the little switch. Then last night, the computer froze up and DH turned it off to fix that, but now he can't get it to come back on. The fan comes on, but the computer won't boot up. Three months of fiddling with computers is enough for me. Life is too short to be bothered with technical issues. I hope to be back on by the 17th. I won't post here until my new computer arrives and is up and running-so have a great week, everyone!


Lauren said...

YAY! Have fun with your new toy.

Carolina said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about your computer problems...I'l miss you creations! I'll be back around the 17th! HUGS!!!