Monday, March 10, 2008

Acetate Cards-cool but tricky!

I am posting two photos of this card because one shows the shine of the acetate, and one shows the detail of the stamp. The acetate card, and the card stock underneath is from Creative Cuts and More. The acetate is nice and heavy, and when you order the A2 size, it comes pre-scored! Anyone who has even tried to make an even fold with acetate will understand how much of a benefit that is! The card stock is Onyx Stardream, it's metallic, and it's beautiful!


Toni said...

I love this angle, it seems like the kind of vapor-y, translucent images I sometimes dream. This is so cool!

Toni said...

Do you ever do scrapbook LO's or cards based on your faith? I'm starting to inch my way toward that, and the one book I bought about it is so ... superficial? I'd love to see some other art.