Monday, August 18, 2008

Young Frankenstein

This card has two interesting aspects. First, the stamp was a RAK I got last year when I was BOOED on SCS. If you have never BOOED anyone, you really must join the fun. You give Halloween themed gifts to two people, and they each give to two people and so forth. Just Google it. You'll find signs, poems, and lots of ideas. Anyway, I know this stamp is just a dollar stamp or thereabouts, but it stamped beautifully, and I really like the image, I think he's cute. Sometimes you don't have to spend a lot to get a nice stamp.

The other sort of interesting dollar item here is the acrylic frame. I go shopping with my sister when I'm in Denver, and one of the places we frequent is Big Lots. Sometimes you can get some pretty good stuff. She recently got both of us a ton of Basic Gray stuff, and some really pretty flocked metallic Heidi Grace paper. Well, when I'm with my sister, sometimes I buy things I really have no idea how to use. She's really a very bad influence. I think it's pretty obvious which one of us is the good sister. Oh, but I digress. The frame. What the heck? You do know why they were at Big Lots, right? Most people were too smart to buy them, so they went to the great retail failure purgatory that is Big Lots. Fortunately for Big Lots, there are people like my little sister and I who are happy to waste our money on acrylic frames. We do our part. So, Frankenstein, or rather more accurately, the Creature, is under glass here.


~amy~ said...

Such a FUN Frankenstein card! You crack me up about Big Lots...Hey, I've bought TONS of stuff there..using the stuff is another

Carolina said...

Oh I love Big Lots - they have the best stuff to alter and the best part of all is that I can totally take it apart and if it doesn't work, then I don't feel so bad because it didn't cost me much - LOL!

I was also stopping by to tell you about the award I gave you on my blog...don't think you saw it while you were there, so stop by when you get a chance!

Jenn said...

Hey there! This Frankenstein card is AWESOME!!! Love the colors, stitching and awesome image!!! Loved your story about Big Lots! I was recently there and didn't realize that they sold Basic Grey stuff. I walked away with nothing, I guess I thought I should use what I have before I more and don't use it...LOL!!! :D

Lauren said...

Fabulous card. Frankie is super cute!

Noelle said...

LOL Funny girl! I can talk you into ANYTHING scrap related. :-) All your cards are gorgeous. I have been missing checking your blog lately. I was just looking at those stupid calendars I had to have LOL Plus the samples we bought for the hairspray, it is not hairspray LMAO I bought TWO sets!