Wednesday, July 24, 2013

So Grateful

 Most of the supplies for this card came from the Gina K. Designs Signs of Autumn Stamp TV kit.  I colored the image with colored pencils and gamsol. It's my favorite technique for coloring because it's the easiest for me to do a reasonable job. I am a teensy  bit jealous of the gals who can color so beautifully.
 This mermaid stamp was from a Wendy Rago Bad Girls kit. I don't know what happened to that kit club. It was really good. Who knows? Companies come and go so fast in the papercrafting world it makes my head spin.
 This is a GKD Signs of Autumn card. The stamp under the leaves is a Unity stamp.
 I did not design these last two cards. Both of these cards are from Spring Mix STV episodes.
I really like this oval frame, and sort of want to put it around every image I stamp. There's also a circle one just like it in this stamp set.

It's beautifully gray and cloudy here today! I hope we get rain. In other news, I got my first thrift store designer bags yesterday. I always see bloggers picking up designer bags for $10-$20, and I never even see designer bags! The first one was an old Brighton organizer for $8. It retailed for $150-$200 new. It has so many pockets you would not believe it. It also has a tiny cell phone holder. Remember, cell phones were humongous, then merely gigantic. After  some time, they became so small you could hardly see them. Then they got big again, and flat. I think I'll put lip gloss and lipstick in that pocket. That will be convenient, since I use them 50 times a day.

 The second was a Liz Claiborne for $3. NOT a Liz & Co bag like you can get at Kohls, an actual Liz designer bag. It has gorgeous, floppy, thick, and soft leather in saddle brown mixed with a straw fabric body. It's perfect for summer.

I also looked at the "designer" bags they had locked up behind glass for $20-$30. Not one of them was a designer bag. They were just hideous, over embellished knock-offs, which clearly dazzled and confused the ARC workers. The thing about real designers is that they actually possess a modicum of restraint. I told the gal that not one of those bags needed to be locked up, as none of them were real. I hope I didn't offend her, but it's true. I guess I should keep my big nose out of it, and let them continue to put the real stuff out on the floor for cheap.

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~amy~ said...

wahooooo for the thrift store buys! My boy and I love to go thrift shopping:)

Check out all those fun cards!