Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Project Life Week 10: Then

 I know I sound like a broken record, but I apologize for the bad pictures. They are easier to see if you click on them. It was cloudy when I went outside to take these, but of course the sun came out right when I got set up. I have improved my photography over the years not by learning how to use my camera well, but by experimenting until I get it right. It's not the best method, but I'm too impatient and lazy to make the effort to just do it right in the first place.
 I don't enjoy photography at all. If I did, I would spend more time actually learning how to do it.
 There really isn't any earth shattering Project Life goodness here. This is basic PL: Get the pictures in a book where people can enjoy them. Done and done.
 On Saturday, I am participating in a Project Life blog hop. So, I am going to get some good pictures to post if it kills me. I know no one actually visits my blog, so posting these pictures doesn't feel too humiliating. But to know that people might actually stop by is a big motivator!
 So, you will find me wandering around with my camera and a PL layout looking for that magical location. You know, the place that makes me look like I've ever used a camera before. It's around here somewhere, and I will find it. Yes, I will.

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