Saturday, July 13, 2013

Project Life Week 8:Now

 This was the week of my birthday, so I used some old SU! birthday themed stamps to note that. Also, lots of machine stitching, and some K&Co chipboard buttons.
 These rocks still sit on my front porch. They are covered in black ants now because the wind keeps spilling the hummingbird feeder. I need to go take a picture of that.
 I sold this typewriter in my Etsy shop for $150, plus $50 shipping to a gal in Australia. She loves it, and I'm so glad. It was my favorite typewriter, so I'm glad it went to a good home.
On the bottom right, I typed my journaling portrait instead of landscape. That's one reason why I think I am going to choose a page layout and stick with it when I buy my next refills. Sometimes I forget the size and orientation of the pocket I'm working on.

Tomorrow we go get our middle son from his college town, bring him home for one night, and then take him to the airport on Monday for his trip to Austria. He is a travelin' fool, that one. I just wish I got to see him more often. Our oldest, a recent graduate from Tulane, is moving from NOLA to San Francisco next month. He's planning to live in all of America's most beautiful and historic cities. I immediately asked Google to compare the distances between here and those two cites. Unfortch, he's moving two hundred miles further away than NOLA. These boys...

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