Wednesday, October 3, 2012

A MUSE STUDIO: October Spotlight

Would you just have a look at these adorable Halloween projects? These are so much fun, I can't stand it! Plus, these five stamp sets are on sale, and there's the gorgeous, professionally coordinated Wicked Woods cardstock pack. Every month, A|S puts five special sets on sale, and designs spectacular projects designed to make you look good. An additional bonus, is that you have instant project ideas for when you get goodies!

I've been stamping for 12 years, and one thing I've noticed about myself is that I sometimes have a hard time getting started with a new product, but once I go ahead and start working with it, the creativity is unleashed. The more I work with a product, the better I get at using it. Using A|S products is wonderful because there are so many terrific idea sources: me, the A|S Facebook page, and now a new A|S blog!! I'll get you set up with just the right products and make sure you take them out of the bag and give them the love they deserve!

Don't forget to stop by my store and get your FREE Fight Like A Girl stamp set, you don't want to miss it!

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