Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Stretch Your Stamps Class Samples

 This one actually isn't from SYS. I don't know what went wrong with this card, but it's a doozy. YIKES!
 This one is from SYS, and I like it. It's nothing special, but at least it isn't hideous.
 Another SYS. This one is fine. I don't love it or hate it.
 This one I hate. I don't like this background technique at all. Actually, it's just the final step of rubbing a black pad all over it that made it ugly. How am I supposed to make an attractive card with that black rainbowed mess?

 Please don't let these ugly samples give you the idea that SYS was a bad class. It was excellent, I just am a slow learner with new techniques. It takes me a while to come up with something decent when I'm trying new things.
This is just a random card. I made it while I was taking SYS, but it isn't a card specific to them. I heat embossed SU!'s Aida Cloth background on top of the vibrant and modern Tinkering Ink paper. I like the result much better than the original, and I think it's a striking effect. Of course, my love affair with white embossing powder probably helps!

I used A Muse studio's Hand Scripted for the "Smile" sentiment.

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~amy~ said...

really fun cards Carla!!!