Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Countdown to moving day...

The moving van arrives on Friday, so I'll get a post or two in before I go missing for a while. The above card was inspired by a hexagon card Kristina Warner made for the Stretch Your Stamps class. Clearly my take went terribly wrong. This card is so horrible that it makes me chuckle every time I look at it. What else would I do, it's just paper?
 Essentially the same supplies here, but no punching and twisting the hexagons. Much better! I stamped the background stamp twice, a little offset, and in two colors. Do you love those black A Muse Studio Twinkle Stickers? I do!!
 On a shopping trip with my sister one summer, I bought a K & Co.tin box full of sayings. I can't use it up. It's like a bottomless pit. I wish my wallet was like that. Anyway, the focal image here is a tag from that box.
 I want to put the cluster I made here on every. single. card. I love it that much. The blue piece is fabric tape.
The baby prints here are from an SU! set that is at least 13 years old. I know this because I joined in 1/2000, and we had the flatter plastic cases. This one is in one of those chubby cases.

In other news, I was packing my stamp room today and had a box with about 50 wooden stamps in it. I stepped on something slick, my foot went out from under me, and I flung stamps everywhere and fell COMPLETELY DOWN, crushing a bunch of innocent boxes. There was some shrieking, and a bit of groaning while I groped and flailed around on the floor for all the stamps and got myself back up again. None of this is remarkable, unless you know that my 8yods was only ten feet from me and in complete view, and his eyes never left the computer screen. My 18yods was in the next room, both of our doors were open, and he never took his eyes of the screen either. I think I need one of those "I've fallen and I can't get up!" necklaces for when Troy is out of town. Clearly, my children are useless in an emergency.


Pat (mspfd) said...

Another wonderful collection. My favorite is the gorgeous card with flower cluster and fabric panel. Love the white stamping and stunning black, white and blue color combination.

Hope the move goes smoothly!

~amy~ said...

Fun cards...good luck on the move and I'm glad you didn't hurt yourself...your kids sound like my kids.