Monday, June 2, 2008

James 1:17

I made this way back in December, and just have never posted it. Every time I go to post a card, there it is, the first photo I see. I've kind of gotten tired of looking at it, so I thought I'd post it today so I could put it in my finished folder. The praying hands are from an OLD SU! set. I bought it in 1999, and although I have sold dozens and dozens of SU! sets to friends, customers, and on ebay, this is one I will never part with. The verse is from a newer but still long retired set. It's weird, but since I retired from SU! a year ago, I can't remember any of these sets' names anymore! It's kind of like my mind dumped that info as extraneous. For seven years I had the entire catalog memorized, now I can't recall the most basic things!

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Noelle said...

It's called C.R.S. :-) Millions of us suffer from it daily. :-)