Monday, May 12, 2008

Of Seaweed, Gardenias, Camels & Cairo

Makes sense to me! This RAK is from my dear friend Toni, whose thoughtful, intelligent and artful blog you can find here. Toni's RAK's are a treat inside and out. When I get one, (I'm the proud owner of two), I always imagine all the postal workers whose day she made a little brighter, a little more interesting. Toni is never mundane, even her envelopes sing!


Carolina said...

What a treat...another Toni original!

Toni said...

Hey I'm glad you got it!!! I've since improved the aging techniques I was practicing on that one -- add a little melted yellow beeswax in splatters ... yea buddy! Looks like the card was written by candlelight. How are you, Carla -- I'm finally back to the land of the living after that flu.