Monday, May 26, 2008

I'm back!!

I used Creative Cuts and More and Creative Play Stamps on this card. The main image is from CPS's Swirl Garden. It's a beautiful set and includes this swirl, a few butterflies, and a pretty flower. I stamped it in Brilliance Chocolate and embossed in Ranger's Holographic, which is a combo I use very frequently. The crooked rub-on is Basic Gray. I can usually get things pretty straight, but not this time! Oh well, it looks like a human being made it, and I'm fine with that. I know I'll be hearing from some of my more anal retentive pals on this one. HI NOELLE! (She's my sister, this will make her crazy, crazy, crazy! That's just one of the bonuses of my imperfection!) I also dragged the edges of the punched piece through the same pad and embossed. It adds a very subtle sparkle. I drew around the top layer with my 2-way and sprinkled on MS glitter in brownstone-just call me Rainman, I dig the sparkle!! All the paper on this card is Cosmo Cricket Love Notes, except the top layer, it's CC&M.

Speaking of CC&M, this is the THIRD project I got out of my ONE cupcake box die cut, talk about value! This is the cut-out from the lid of the box. They send you a piece of acetate to put in its place, but they also send you all the cut-outs. This is out of my favorite Caramel Stardream, and there was no way I was going to toss it! It's one of the prettiest papers I've ever seen! If you haven't tried CC&M yet, please do give them a try. It's so fun and easy, and the selection is amazing! I'm especially poor at patterns so CC&M is a real godsend for me, but even if you are good at patterns, give yourself a break and let someone else do all that figuring and cutting! Then all you have to do is make it pretty!!

BTW, the cruise was wonderful! I was very pleased with Royal Caribbean, and the Bahamas are beautiful!! I have cornrows, which I love! How did I go 44 years without them? I also got a fake tattoo, it's a tribal. I did love the shocked look on 17 & 14yods's. I think they only believed it for a few seconds. DH didn't fall for it at all. I have loved the curious and slightly shocked looks I've received here in the Panhandle since my return. I'm pretty sure most of the English teachers around here don't have cornrows and tattoos. I wore a very short sleeved shirt to church yesterday, and not one person said a thing, except DH. He said, "You wore that on purpose, didn't you?" I said, "Of course!"


Toni said...

I love you, Carla -- I love your rambunctiousness, your spitfire, your humor, your ART, your tongue-in-cheek commentary.

~amy~ said...

Woo go sista! Cornrows AND a faux tattoo? We want pictures!!!!

BTW, fab card...

toners said...

Awesome card - and way to go with stretching out those supplies!

I wanna see the cornrows too!

Noelle said...

OK, your real life sister can't get any pictures out of you, maybe your onlne ones can! :-)
Also, FYI I can't see that the thank you is crooked. It could be that my head is on a permanent tilt admiring your niece in my lap. :-)
I am so glad you are back. I do not appreciate you galavanting about without me. :-)

Heather said...

Pretty card.

Cornrows sound awesome- what a fun and different thing to do. Sound like it was a great cruise- you of the Fake Tattoo!

Jenn said...

glad your back!!! Would love to see pics of your cornrows and tatoo!!! :D Your card is beautiful!

I left you something on my blog...come by and visit when you get a chance!!! :D

Jenn D.

Carolina said...

What a beatiful card and so glad to read you had a wonderful time on your cruise! Too bad we won't get to see pics - wink!

BTW - don't forget to pick out your blog candy items...would love to get the order in this week since they seem to be so quick with shipping on the last week of the month. As well can you email me your addy - thanks hon!

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