Sunday, August 16, 2009


This gorgeous Floral Gift Box is by Shady Tree Studio for Cornish Heritage Farms. I love the way it looks on a black, red and white card. These are intense, sophisticated and chic colors I rarely use, but they do have their place!

As you may have noticed, it has been a week since I've posted. I'm not sure I've ever gone that long since I started this blog. Suffice it to say that my new teaching responsibilities and the trip to New Orleans to take oldest DS to Tulane have me completely overwhelmed and just barely hanging on by my fingernails. Every thought of not seeing Ross every day is followed by the urge to throw up. Then there's the all pervasive leaden feeling of dread. Oh do moms do this?


Pat (mspfd) said...

Carla, it will get better, I promise! Keep telling yourself Ross will be fine. Daily emails help. And good luck with your new position.

Well, you may not have posted in a week, but it sure didn't hurt your mojo -- love your latest creation. Super design and spectacular color palette!

~amy~ said...

Oh Carla...hang in there sista!!! gorgeous sparkly card!

Heather the Mooselover said...

Hugs Carla- think about how much your baby will grow and mature outside of the nest. Beautiful card too.

Noelle Reese said...

I love you almost as much as you love Ross! I'll try super hard to be supportive. No more cracks about letting him go. I PROMISE!!
I'll come there, you come here, we can make him some pretty super [in OUR opinions] goodie boxes. I am sending him chorizo, fish tacos and shizzle. He will love that care package! :-)
I love you both so much it is almost unbelievable :-)

Carolina said...

Oh sorry you're going through this Carla. That weird thing is that you sound exactly like my sis. She was moved from Kinder to 3rd and is having quite of a time adjusting plus thrown in having to be away from her little ones all day...augh!

Anyway, hang in there sweetie, it's going to be get better soon! HUGS!!!

Stunning card BTW!

Justine said...

Carla I was doing fine til I read this..... Welcome to the beginning or the Empty Nest Syndrome. No it is not a fun place my dear, I hate it. Prayer! Sweety, I will pray that God shine his Grace upon you.. I know it hurts, huge hugz sweety, I will be thinking about you and know that I have been feeling the same blahness (word of the day) sending my sweet husband off to War. But I have not felt like sharing anything and just like you I am having to prep for this school year and I so fear that I am not going to be ready. Yikes now that may have snapped me back to reality as I think of MS/HS students feeding upon that. OOOOOOO Not in my class girlfriend. Let's get out there and EDUCATE!!!