Monday, March 9, 2009

SCS Featured Stamper

So, I made a card today...

This is for SCSs's Featured Stamper, which this week was StampingQueenJAR, who has a lovely gallery. We are supposed to choose a card and change at least two things about it. I Changed more, as usual, but kept with the overall western feel of Judy's card.

I used Balanced Rock and Thinking of You from Creative Play Stamps. The paper is from Hot Off The Press. I've decided that one of the reasons I like the more expensive designer papers so much isn't because they are always more beautiful, but because they are so much higher quality. I like this paper. I think it's pretty, or I wouldn't have bought it. But I bought it before I really became very knowledgeable about paper. I think HOTP is a beginner's company. Let's face it, once you've worked with the lush thickness of Crate or My Mind's Eye, and the other big ones to a lesser extent, paper the thickness of printer paper is not that impressive! It's difficult to even sponge the edges, and forget about distressing, it's nearly impossible!!

Well, the wind is blowing about 5000 miles per hour today. You think I'm engaging in a bit of hyperbole, perhaps? Fine, just come on over to the Oklahoma Panhandle. I'll prove you wrong, then we'll go play in my stamp room. No hard feelings, right?




Debby said...

I'm with ya on the paper. Sometimes the lower ends crinkle and wrinkle and don't take to be handled very well. I also have a haed time covering up all the pretty shimmery paper. Your cards are beautiful as always and your photography is awesome. Mine is never ever consistent. We had snow again in Seattle today. Supposed to be raining this time of year. Sounds like a better time then all of your wind though. Enjoy the rest of you afternoon/evening.

Pat (mspfd) said...

Awesome, as always!

~amy~ said...

Whatta fun image Carla...great job on the challenge!

Lauren said...

Gorgeous. Love the muted tones.