Monday, March 23, 2009

Easter Wall Hanging

I subscribed to Teresa McFayden's latest Ezine, Cottage Bella, and this is one of the many projects in it. It's a really cool zine, and you can get to it through her blog, My Minutia

18yods had this to say: "Oh, this is a cool thing. Weird, but cool." I said, "I made it." He said, "Oh, I figured dad made it." He, of course did not think that DH made it. The only things DH actually makes are biscuits, pizza dough, beans and steak. Oddly artsy wall hangings are not in his repertoire. I'm sure you can tell already that DH is a tad more useful in a pinch than I am .

The main images are Crafty Secrets stickers from the Spring Joys sheet. I framed them with a Basic Gray bookplate and added a little Crystal Stickles. But that goes without saying, doesn't it?

I freehand cut the flower out of a literature book. Sacrilegious, I know. While I can wax eloquent for hours on the evils of book burning, I never once said it was a bad thing to cut up a 50 year old lit text book. Especially if you are making something of great import, such as a shimmer sprayed paper flower.

I collect small old bottles, so I just chose one that would fit here. I wound a little copper wire and added a few beads and some vintage seam binding.

That about sums it up! If you are looking for a fun, cottagy, non card based project, go see Teresa!


~amy~ said..., this is absolutely magnificent! How in the heck did you adhere the bottle?

Vanessa said...

Oh this is just lovely! I used to feel bad about cutting up old books too. But then, it's just piles of collected clutter if you don't use the things you love! I say throw caution to the wind, run with decorative scissors!

Lauren said...

Very pretty!!!!

Debby said...

So I hope you actually display your gorgeous creations in your home. It would be a shame not to. I really love this. You are so creative. What kind of teacher are you? ;-)

Pat (mspfd) said...

Awesome piece of art!

Anonymous said...

Love it!