Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Cosmo Cricket does Valentine's Day

 This year I made most of my Valentines with Cosmo Cricket's Love Notes. It's my favorite CC of all time, and I have finally depleted my stash. I don't know if it's still available, but that's okay! I enjoyed it while it lasted, and I have about a thousand lonely pieces of paper in my stamp room waiting to come into their fruition.
 I have a sheet of Crafty Secrets Valentine stickers, and boy do I love those things! Such a huge bang for such little money! I think I have every sticker sheet they ever made.
 I got those little white doves at a little craft store in Ogalalla, Nebraska. They were an insanely good buy and have found their way onto many projects this month.
 Baby card using A Muse Studio's little banner die. Isn't it the sweetest?
Every now and then I go on a die cutting rampage to build up my supplies. When I do, I ALWAYS cut a bunch of butterflies with my A|S Butterfly Trio, then cover them with silver glitter. Irresistible, they are! I used a Karen Foster Loopy Brad as the antennae on this one. Raise your hand if you have a package of KF Loopy Brads in your stamp room!

I've started working out again. I'm doing Leslie Sansone. Much to my chagrin, I can do about a quarter what I was doing the last time I did it. Why does fitness go away so quickly? During August, I rode 60 miles a week on my bike, now I'm doing one mile to a DVD. *SIGH* Well, I'm going to do a Fitness Boot Camp of my own design. This week I'll walk a mile a day, next week two miles and so on. I figure I'm starting out slow enough that I won't really need a day off. Walking isn't too hardcore anyway. I have four miles of Leslie, so in a month, I should be ready to branch out to some other DVDs.

Toodles, friends!


Tenia Nelson said...

What pretty projects!!!

Pat (mspfd) said...

Hey girl!, your mojo is in high gear! What a great collection with fresh designs and special touches... Love each and every card!

Michele said...

All of them are so lovely!!!

Noelle Reese said...

WOW you rock star! I am raising my hand! What a stellar idea! I love all of your cards! I am sorry your paper is gone you can have mine !

Lauren said...

Great use of stickers! Nice to see your mojo in full force.