Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Living Room BEFORE Pictures

It's a small house 750 up and 750 down. I think it could fit into my classroom, I'll have to measure sometime. This view is right inside the front door. Two bedrooms on the right, bathroom ahead.
Master bedroom, and I use that term loosely. That's where Troy and I sleep. It's pretty easy to get around the bed if you turn sideways.
To the left of the front door. The paneling is currently undergoing a transformation. The LOVELY black curtains are history.
Front door. Do you see the curtain? It is made of some kind of unidentifiable velvet-like substance. In peach. No, I'm not kidding. It has swoops and swags and stuff. So, being the incredibly thrifty girl that I am, I said to myself, "Self", I says, "I could run this through the cuttlebug and make embellishments with this hideous travesty of home decorating, and mebe make sompin' purty." So, I took it downstairs and washed it. When I opened the washer, everything was covered in VERY SHINY FIBER. So I said to myself, "Self", I says, "This will all come off in the dryer." NOT EVEN A LITTLE BIT CAME OFF. I laughed my ass off as I put Troy, Ross and Skyler's clothes away. Now this is a gift that keeps on giving, because when they wear these items, I will be able to laugh at their expense once again.
So that's all I have on the home remodeling front today.


Noelle Reese said...

ROTFLMAO! You seriously made me LOL You are so funny! Your boys always have an extra sparkle! :-)

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