Tuesday, January 26, 2010

More cards for Baby Francesca's First Events

No, I'm not pregnant! No, I didn't just have a baby, Lord help me! These cards are for a custom order on Etsy. I was asked to create six cards for Baby Francesca's first events. I thought it was a clever idea, and I had lots of fun with it! One of my blog buddies does this, I want to say it's Amy Tsuruta, but I'm not sure.
So this is her Father's Day card. Pretty standard fare on the outside-those are Flourishes stamps-but I did the inside a little differently.
Easter, obviously. I thought she'd like the feel of the micro beads. She could probably drool this card to death, don't you think?

Well, musical rehearsals have begun. Three nights a week, plus extra when called for. I have help for this one, though! The band teacher, Pat, is in charge of the music. It's nice to have someone else on board. Plays are a tremendous amount of work! When I'm not at rehearsals, there's always costuming and set design. Who needs a life, anyway?

I'm trying Motivated Moms to get my house under control. I heard about it from my little sis, who really doesn't need it. However, she's such a perfectionist about her house, that now that it's normal, she thinks the world has come to an end. Join the club, sistah! Children aren't for sissies or perfectionists! Anyone else trying MM out?


thefrugalcrafter said...

OMG Carla, I just saw your feature in RSM, Congrats girl, it was such a nice article WTG! It was my first time in that mag (last card in the Asain feature) and it was cool to see a friend in there too! Yay!

Pat (mspfd) said...

These are terrific creations! I am so happy that things are going to well for you! Congratultions!

Noelle Reese said...

LOL My house is dirty and unorganized. I can't stand it LOL I love both cards though!
I am even failing at doing the Motivated Moms thing LOL

~amy~ said...

coolio cards!!! nah, it isn't me...I do the birthday cards from 1-18 years old...have peeps sign them at the baby shower and then send the cards for the baby's various birthday's....

okay, I had to google "motivated moms"..it's a chart system? I'm not organized enough to stick with a chart system...LOL

Julie Ranae said...

Really like what you did on all these cards....great projects all around!

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Ila said...

These creations are all Gorgeous and Super Cute!!...I feel a little like my house is out of control as well...but with a reno job in the kitchem coming up...I'd better get used to it..lol....Good luck!!..Hugs, Ila